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«Recently, our law firm celebrates fifty years in operation. Due to a steadily upward professional trajectory, a dynamic presence in the courts and the handling of thousands of legal cases, we have succeeded in building a continuous and substantial relationship with our clients and to gain their acclaim. Today, we feel the need to thank all those who have trusted us, and at the same time to make a commitment to continue our course with consistency, reliability and a strong sense of responsibility, combining our many years of experience with the current legal environment».


Contemporary life requires a new approach to, and handling of, legal issues, which involves the planning, organization and implementation of alternative solutions, adapted to current court practices and individually customized to each client’s problem. Based on these new facts:

WE PROVIDE integrated and specialized legal services, both to private individuals and to corporations and businesses covering practically every area of the law (civil, commercial, penal, administrative, etc.).

Our law firm is also active in Crete
27 Kornarou Vintsentzou st. Heraklion
+30 6945 901 301

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Special Family
Law Issues
Bodily Harm
from Vehicular Accidents
Banking Affairs
Real Estate

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+30 6945 901 301
Crete 27 Kornarou Vintsentzou st. Heraklion
+30 6945 901 301
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